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Welcome to A Small World of Bricks

Due to my work order processing will take place as soon as possible. If you wish to keep your order open for a period please get in contact. Remember placing an order means you agree with these terms and is seen as a legally binding contract!

I cancel the order if no payment has been made after 7 days after placing the order and no reply is received at any emails.

The orders will be set on complete if there is no reaction (from buyers side) after 1 month after sending the order.

New sets are always shipped as an parcel beceause of the original box. Please read the shippingcosts BEFORE ordering (Special for our customers from China).

New is really new (directly from LEGO Pick a Brick (online) , New Sets, Brickwall in offical LEGO Store) . Used is NOT new (Little scratches/breakstripes are possible). If a brick has been really colored by the sun there is an note.


Please be aware for shipping weights are included packing (bubble mailer, box, inside packing).


  • order up to 100g in a bubble mailer, maximum parts weight is about 75g-80g, weight bubble mailer is about 10g-15g or more for heavier ones.
  • order up to 1kg in a box, maximum parts weight is about 800g-850g, boxweight can be 120g-200g or more.

ENVELOPPE MAIL OUTSIDE NETHERLANDS: ONLY INSTRUSTRUCTIONS. BRICKS AND SETS ALWAYS SENT AS PARCEL BECEAUSE OF THE DUTCH POSTLAW.  It's not allowed to sent products as an envloppe delivery outside of the Netherlands since 1-1-2020. See https://www.postnl.nl/campagnes/online-frankeren-buitenland/      for more information. Depending on the weight, ask for actual shipping costs

Missing Parts

Every order will be controlled, but I'm still human so a mistake is possible. If you do miss an item, we will make a coupon for it plus 50% of the item value, we will not ship missing items afterwards.